The three general categories or areas of finance include business finance, personal finance, and public finance. Finance often consists of savings and consists of a range of activities.

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8 Things You Didn’t know about Moses Hassim Magogo

 Moses Hassim Magogo Biography            1.      Who is Moses Magogo? Moses Hassim Magogo is a Ugandan

Apollo Iragaba Apollo Iragaba

Afromobile App Review

    1. What is the Afromobile app? Afromobile app is a free Uganda television and radio live streaming app with

Ronald Kiwanuka Ronald Kiwanuka

10 Things You Didn´t know about Mathias Mpuuga

#Mathias Mpuuga Biography            1.      Who is Mathias Mpuuga? Mathias Mpuuga is a Uganda politician, teacher

Apollo Iragaba Apollo Iragaba
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